Product Training Module

SMT-compatible Switch KA, K2 ,K9 Series

  • What is SMT-compatible switch?
  • Difference in Mounting Method between "Reflow" and "Flow" Soldering
  • Advantages that SMT can offer to customers

SP Illuminated Pushbutton Switch

  • Abundant in line-up with 256 colors and 4-Split-Face
  • Adaptable with wide range of illumination voltage
  • Replaceable from Series 2

EH Illuminated Pushbutton Switch

  • Depth behind panel : Only 22.5mm
  • Button Size: 14.2mm square type, 14.2 X 20.4mm rectangular type
  • LED illumination for Full-Face, Split-Face, Dual-Color available.

22.5mm Series

  • Various type of button, illumination, available in same depth 22.5mm
  • Sunmulon provides "Space saving" for your products

Connecting solution

  • Solder, tab, Socket, Connector, Surface Mount
  • Sunmulon provides various connection way for your assembly work

Product Training Module